Generate your unique plotted drawing

How to generate your drawing:

1. Press the "Generate" button below the image to generate a composition. Each time you click the button, the composition changes.

2. When you have chosen the composition you like, save the Seed Number (for your records) and press the "Order Now" button. The Seed that corresponds to the drawing you chose will automatically be sent to me with your order. I'll use this Seed to recreate your drawing.

3. You can save images that you like by clicking the "Save This Drawing" button.

4. When you want to retrieve a saved image, just paste the Seed Number (the 17 digits in the filename) in the text field at the bottom of the drawing and click "Reload".

5. If you are interested in owning the digital version of your drawing, refer to the NFT section below.

Seed for this drawing:

125 €, shipping worldwide included.
16 x 24 cm (6.3 x 9.4 inches), 300 g paper.
Collection limited to a maximum of 99 drawings.

If you have any question or issue you can reach me by email:

DMA, Dessins Mécaniques Aléatoires (Aleatory Mechanical Drawings)

Pigmented ink on acid-free 300 g. Montval Canson paper.

The DMA_ARQ[cmy] drawings are randomly generated following my ARQ protocol which creates a grid and fills each cell with a geometric shape chosen at random. Three layers are created on top of each other, the first is yellow, the second magenta and the third cyan. Following these parameters, the program creates a unique aleatory image that is sent to an Axidraw and traced with pens on paper. The series has a maximum of 99 drawings.


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