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Thanks to everyone that made a great openning happen Thursday. SInce then Tono and I have had one night, or day? (however you see it) of sleep. Now its back in the raft on the river at 5AM!

We have pics and updates we’d like to post- but right now need to paddle with a pile of lumber tethered behind us, with bags of hardware, onto a swaying rusted series of pilings in the center of the Hudson River, to build some marionette inspired mechanism, before NYC wakes up. It should be foggy this morning… we’re back then with pics and details !

The Hallets Cove video has been viewed almost 19 thousand times today – if I’m to believe Vimeo … thats crazy. Only 9 thousand ever saw “Tag Manhattan” over a span of two years! And I thought I would never get out from under the shadow of that project… Eltono has these beat with the Light Projected Graffitis project he did with Nuria – check it out its very cool.

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