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Trash Island 2 project

Autonomously generated compositions experiment in the Hudson River at Chelsea Piers
Inspired from:

Preview at Anonymous

Anonymous Gallery had a preview press gig for our show & their inaguration last night. MOMO forgot all the important things he was going to say. Tono looked fabulous.

New Installation at “Broadway Beach”

Last Sunday we landed on this lovely beach beneath the Williamsburg Bridge with a vision to use the garbage, driftwood and rope we found there, to create something between the pilings. If we were able to relocate the beached materials into the strong current, nature would complete the design; make it kinetic.
To keep it simple, [...]

PLAF Serigraph Makers

We’ve been creating a series of prints based on the design/functioning of the PLAF Makers – creating 100 unique compositions – and it’s blowing our fragile minds. We’re extremely stoked.


The PLAF postcards arrived, and were gobbled-up before I (MOMO) ever saw them. Its a nice thing to mail home, summing up that visit to New York. There’s more on order…

PLAF Makers

Click the images below to visit a web page that’s busy creating several million artworks from our PLAF inspiration.  They’re large (1622px x 828px) so maximize your browser window and make popcorn.

Sunny Sunday on the East River, August 31

Needing some measurements of potential spots – we took Marie’s Russian made inflatable boat down the East River. We let the tide pull us, I let my feet drag through the water, we broke out a burrito picnic, and landed at a very funny paradise sort of beach.


Hallet’s Cove Video

We just uploaded the video of the first two sculptures we put at Hallet’s Cove in the East River, check the map for more info:

PLAF – Hallet’s Cove

Totem in the East River

In 2006 Zosen MOMO and Marie Lorenz created an adhoc totem sculpture in the East River.  Zosen arrived from Barcelona around midnight – we built all we could till 4am – when Marie came with her boat & we were in the foggy dark by 5am.    Its the potential we saw in this project that [...]

Join Plaf

Join Plaf
Do you make excellent coffee & run kick-ass errands with ninja-like clear minded intent? Then join us as a Plaffer Staffer. We’d like to drop as many works on New York in the next four weeks as possible, and don’t mind paying you with art work (that doesn’t devalue like US currency) [...]