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East River State Park

This piece is visible from the East River State Park in Williamsburg, but it’s much closer to the center of the East River. Its Marionette inspired design centers around a giant block of wood that’s concealed in the water below. As it floats and sinks with the tide, its substantial weight pulls on ropes, changing the sculpture’s shape.

When we began this project we looked for pre-existing “tide marker/signalling” systems. It seems basic. In the history of humans working around the water, there must have been similar signs announcing the tide. We weren’t able to find them. In our design the “X” sign announces low tide, the flat sign announces high tide.



6 hours time laps from low tide to high tide:

These models were used to work out the final designs for “East River State Park”.

Models for “East River State Park” from MOMO on Vimeo.

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