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PLAF Maker

The aesthetic for this project came right from the practical considerations, such as how can these sculptures resist, function and be seen. Looking at everything from fishing rods to light houses to tug boats and life jackets, for engineering clues, we found a curiously similar visual style, that besides resembling the graphic colorful work we already do, seemed practical and proven in this environment. This style looks cool. But it should also help it be seen, as a fishing bobbers’ colorful design is readable from a great distance and communicates information easily.

We reduced our shapes to just a few, our colors to even less, and then combined them in the “MOMO Maker” scripting tool that MOMO has been experimenting with for a year – resulting in “PLAF Makers”. Click the images below to visit a web page that’s busy creating several million artworks from our PLAF inspiration. They’re large (1622px x 828px) so maximize your browser window and make popcorn.

> PLAF Maker version 1
> PLAF Maker version 2

Next we created a series of prints based on the same design and functioning of the PLAF Maker. 78 were winners and made available through Anonymous Gallery.

Inspiration Slideshow:

Some favorite results:

Print process:

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