1st Art Biennial Once Foundation

Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain
January 2006

Sound Graffiti

Installation in collaboration with Nuria Mora

Experiment around the idea of changing graffiti normal stimulus, the visual, to a less usual one, the sound.

ARCO 2005

Vacio 9 Gallery
ARCO International Contemporary Art Fair, Madrid, Spain
February 2005


installation in collaboration with Nuria Mora

Ill Communication

Urbis Museum
Manchester, U.K.
September 2003

Street art is one of the most powerful forms of urban culture and is quickly becoming the dominant visual influence in graphic design, advertising and fashion. Ill Communication brought together some of the best artists from the streets of cities around the world to create new works at the edge of this unique art form. A collaboration between Urbis, Urban Art Official and Doodlebug, the exhibition consisted of one-off pieces created exclusively for the duration of the show.

Illegal street paintings related with a legal mural painted inside the museum.


Vacío 9
Madrid, Spain
October 2002

Exhibition in collaboration with Nuria Mora

Liverpool Biennial 2002

Liverpool, U.K.
September 2002


10 illegal paintings in Liverpool Streets and a map in the Biennial venue.