La Ville et le Mouvement

Le Pilori visual arts space
Place du Pilori, Niort, France
September 27th – November 10th 2017
Exhibition organised for the 4e mur festival by Winterlong gallery.
Participating Artists: Jeroen Jongeleen and Eltono


Six 20 minute random itineraries starting from the exhibition space door. At each intersection, a die is used to determine where to go. The result is materialised by six painted wooden sculptures.


A painting is dragged in the street, with the painted side facing the floor. The route, a loop in the city, is fixed beforehand. The board is exhibited as if with a map showing the route.


Horizontal printing system using street movements. Each print is exposed to traffic for at least an hour.

Photos: Eric Surmont et Eltono
Videos: Victor Thiré