Amalgama – Modulo L

After observing for a long time how bricks and rocks “live” on the street, I came up with the idea for the Modulo L experiment. Bricks and rocks are too heavy to be collected by street sweepers, tearing their garbage bags if they try. The same thing happens with sweeping machines – rocks are too heavy for their brooms. As a result, the “life” of bricks and rocks on the street is usually longer than other objects. So, I decided to abandon my own bricks to observe what would happen. I chose to construct a simple L shape, a slightly strange brick – not fancy enough to be collected yet not too simple to be ignored.

The experiment was executed this way:
I chose 8 different locations on my daily path between my studio and the gallery and “opened” these locations by abandoning an L. I came back to each location once a day to add a new L. The idea was to keep on adding L’s causing the composition to grow until one or more L had disappeared from the scene. I added an L everyday and had no right to touch the other L’s added before, often adapting to new compositions created by pedestrians.
For the show in the gallery, I used my molds to build the same quantity of Modulos L that had been left in the street and reproduced the moment where each composition had the most L’s, before it started to “decay”. The decay happened when one or more L was found missing.

Modulo L #1 | Modulo L #2 | Modulo L #3 | Modulo L #4 | Modulo L #5 | Modulo L #6 | Modulo L #7 | Modulo L #8 | Process pictures | Results inside the gallery

Thanks a lot to everybody at Slowtrack for the support and to LUCE for providing the best help ever.

Modulo L #1: