Złota 73

Updates 2011
Złota 73, Wola, Warsaw, Poland
April 26th – May 6th 2011

Project organized by the Vlepvnet foundation

At the end of May 2011, I went for a couple of weeks to Warsaw to paint two big murals on the facades of an old building that was constructed before World War II (very few of these buildings are still intact because of the intense bombings). The project was part of update 2011, an event organized by the Vlepvnet foundation. Every year they invite local and international artists to work in the city. The building is located on Zlota street in the Wola neighborhood, close to the central station. Thanks to the help from the guys from vlepvnet, the volunteers and the support of the neighbors, we managed to finished the two murals in only seven days.

As I was working more than 10 hours a day everyday during the week, I developed a very special relation with the neighbors who, as you can see in the pictures below, took very good care of me…

I would like to thank all the guys from Vlepvnet, the neighbors (particulary Antoni, Marta and Maciek and Joanna and Chris for taking so good care of me) and also all the volunteers who helped us painting.