Bourdeilles, France
June 2022

Project realized in collaboration with the town of Bourdeilles and the Dordogne-Périgord Departmental Cultural Agency.

Upon the invitation of the Departmental Cultural Agency and the town of Bourdeilles, I have conceived a series of graphic compositions for the Grand Rue, the main street in the village. This work involved participatory workshops with over seventy residents. This installation marks the official launch of a collective consultation initiated by the municipality regarding the future urban and landscape redevelopment of the town.

I collaborated with primary school students, volunteers, as well as residents from the La Prada medical center and the Les Deux Séquoias nursing home. Using architectural elements, I created twenty-four shapes and defined a color palette. I introduced participants to a graphic and playful protocol where choices were based on the results of dice rolls. Each number corresponded to a shape, an orientation, and a color. The dice throws generated over two hundred motifs, allowing me to compose the banners.

Participants, from 6 to 101 years old:
Erinne, Emma, Lisa, Elvin, Antoine, Loup, Luther, Arthur, Joseph, Alice, Margot, Abel, Céline, Guy, Patrick, Elie, Nolan, Solange, Chantal, Alexis, Killyan, John, Jessica, Clara, Nathalie, Pierre, Paulette, Simone, Hameury, Jean-Claude, Marie, Alain, Christine, Nicolas, Maria, Marie-Colette, Joan, Lorenzo, Thomas, Camille, Soyann, Flore, Sasha, Maëlys, Ethan, Adèle, Yoann, Jaja, Hugo, Jules V, Léo, Lulu, Océane, Elisa, Léon, Jules F, Mélissa, Eywa, Ladig, Kyllian, along with their teachers and activity leaders.

Bourdeilles Town Hall & Dordogne-Périgord Departmental Cultural Agency – 2022

Photos: Eltono