Varsi Residency

Varsi Art Lab, Rome, Italy
June 2023

During the two-week residency, with the support of 56Fili, I had the opportunity to explore the use of the screen printing technique, disrupting its conventional patterns and employing it as an extension of my artistic and aesthetic research.

The methodology applied to my generative art projects (Modo, Eltonolab, etc.) was consequently implemented in the productions of this residency. In a delicate balance between rules and chance, a new collection of screen-printed works emerged, breaking away from the typical series norms in favor of uniqueness.

I have created three new collections:

  • Strappato, a work of layering screen-printed and torn papers, a series of 8 unique pieces measuring 126 x 77 cm, numbered, mounted on wood, and 2 artist proofs on paper.
  • Otto, a series of 8 unique pieces measuring 100 x 70 cm, numbered, and 8 artist proofs.
  • Magari, a series of 25 unique pieces measuring 70 x 50 cm and 11 artist proofs.

The works are available here:

Strappato :

Otto :

Magari :

Photos: Ornella Mercier (@ornella.mercier)