Sen Thăng Long Hotel

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Hanoi, Vietnam
June 2010

Project commissioned by the AECID

At the end of June 2010 I was invited by the Spanish embassy in Hanoi to paint the facade of the Sen Thang Long hotel, in Nguyễn Trường Tộ street, close to the Old Quarter. I spent 20 days there and was helped by Duy, Bái, Thăng y Nhi, four painters used to extreme working conditions, who ended being my hosts and allowed me discover the city and Vietnamese culture in a very unusual and authentic way.

The finished facade after 15 days of work, click on the picture to enlarge.

Extra pictures:

Thanks to my four assistants efficiency, it only took 15 days to finish the facade and I was left with a week to do a little bit of tourism, sing What is love at the Karaoke, do independent paintings in the street, finally find out what was that song Bái was playing everyday in his mobile phone, try more types of Phở, ride three at a time on a motorbike to Thanh Xuân in the rain, and try at last the Mía đá

An incredible experience that was made possible thanks to Cesar Espada, Mónica Gutierrez, Duy, Bái, Thăng, Nhi and Thin, Mr Hai the hotel director,  Eugenio, Nga, Chi, Ming from Bar36, the corner fruit sellers and Mrs Phở.