Modo n.º19
, Redline Contemporary Art Center, Denver, U.S.A.
Estratos 12/2016:
, limited edition produced by Underdogs
lugares-comunes-luce-eltono Lugares comunes at the UMH of Elche, Spain, in collaboration with the artist Luce.
December 15th 2016 to February 28th 2017
eltono-modo14 11/2016:
Clos Adonis, composition on building, Chaumont, France
eltono-modo14 11/2016:
Modo n.º14, generative mural painting, Langres, France
eltono-eacc-castellon-2016 09/2016:
Modo n.º6, generative and participative mural painting, EACC Art Center of Castellón, Spain
eltono-fluctuacion1 09/2016:
Fluctuación, solo show at Antonia Puyó Gallery, Zaragoza, Spain
corrientes-nuria-mora-eltono-feat2 09/2016:
Corrientes, Milestone festival, Girona, Spain
eltono-mediatheque-champollion-dijon-11 07/2016:
Modo n.º7, generative and participative mural painting, Champollion Library, Dijon, France
Eltono-Foyer-Herriot-Dijon06 07/2016:
Modo n.º8, generative and participative mural painting, Foyer Herriot, Dijon, France
eltono-centre-de-loisir-gresilles-dijon08 07/2016:
Modo n.º10, generative and participative mural painting, Les Grésilles, Dijon, France
Eltono-Dedale-Belves-2016 06/2016:
Le Dédale, open air art exhibition in Belvès, Dordogne, France
Eltono-Dijon-2016 06/2016:
Modo n.º5, generative and participative mural painting, Maternelle Clemenceau, Dijon, France
Eltono-Polinizados-UPV-2016 05/2016:
Mural painting at the Fine Art School of the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain – Festival Polonizados
eltono-promenade11 04/2016:
Promenade n.º11, Chester, New York, USA
eltono-sam-saintpetersburg 04/2016:
Random Geopolitical Map, collective show Crossing Borders/Crossing Boundaries,  Saint Petersburg, Russia
Footpaths, collective exhibition Venturing Beyond at Somerset House, London, U.K.
Lugares Comunes, duo exhibition with Luce at SET Espai d’Art, Valencia, Spain.