CSC Clou Bouchet

10/2018, mural painting in Niort, France

Modo n.º30

10/2018, generative mural painting in Niort, France

“80 Prospect”

Silk-screen print edited by IDEO Cambridge

Modo n.º27

07/2018, generative and participative mural painting for Beyond Walls, Lynn, USA

X Miami

07/2018, composition on building, Miami, USA

Trames I & II

07/2018, composition on tramway, Angers, France


Generative wood block prints, Center Street Studio, Boston, USA

Palma Residency

03/2018, artist residency for the Palma festival, Caen, France

Familia Lopes

11/2017, composition on building, São Vicente, Cape Verde

IDEO 80 Prospect

11/2017, composition on building, IDEO studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Modo n.º24

10/2017, generative mural painting, Rennes, France


09/2017, solo show, SET Espai d'Art, Valencia, Spain