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Gantry Plaza State Park Video

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The East River State Park Video

Tide powered.  Working right now – “N.8th St” Park in Williamsburg

PLAF – East River State Park from MOMO on Vimeo.

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Broadway Beach Video

The Broadway Beach project was meant to be a single day outing with one raft, a couple paints, and a drill.  Using local driftwood, styrofoam, and rope we would create something enormous; visible from the Williamsburg Bridge above us.  We painted driftwood for visibility, based on a Maritime aesthetic we’re investigating (think of the colors on fishing bobbers & buoys).  Whats left to chance is the way this gathered garbage will move on its own with tide and current.  The possibilities reminded us of a certain dime store novelty toy …the one where a loose chain creates a cartoon character’s profile… we tried to recreate/demonstrate this toy in the video.

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Sunday afternoon at the park!

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Pictures of the show at Anonymous Gallery

The inside part of PLAF.
All the artworks presented at the show are related with the seven outdoor installations we put in New York waterways or, like the prints, are related with the nautical graphic researches we did to find a coherent way to paint the installations.

(Click the pictures for detail and captions)

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A close look at the marionette inspired piece.  On the Map as “East River State Park”.

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Just back from Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City…

We´ve been working from 5 am to 6 am this morning to install these five wave/wind/tide balanced pendulums. Here´s a quick video from this morning (sorry for the audio) when the high tide reached them:

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Naming PLAF

Besides PLAF, other serious project names we considered were:

Wet Wet Wet
All Wet
Wet and Moving
Illegal Wet and Moving
Pirate Pilings
Take Tides
On Tide
NYC Harbor
Wet Motion
Loco Motion

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New Install: East River Park, Williamsburg

See this! Visible from the N.8th St. park in Williamsburg… ( map ). There’s a giant block of wood in the water, operating ropes, adjusting the sculpture’s shape with the tide.

We also untangled “Broadway Beach” under the Williamsburg Bridge, so its moving again…

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Thanks to everyone that made a great openning happen Thursday. SInce then Tono and I have had one night, or day? (however you see it) of sleep. Now its back in the raft on the river at 5AM!

We have pics and updates we’d like to post- but right now need to paddle with a pile of lumber tethered behind us, with bags of hardware, onto a swaying rusted series of pilings in the center of the Hudson River, to build some marionette inspired mechanism, before NYC wakes up. It should be foggy this morning… we’re back then with pics and details !

The Hallets Cove video has been viewed almost 19 thousand times today – if I’m to believe Vimeo … thats crazy. Only 9 thousand ever saw “Tag Manhattan” over a span of two years! And I thought I would never get out from under the shadow of that project… Eltono has these beat with the Light Projected Graffitis project he did with Nuria – check it out its very cool.

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