Fresh Flâneurs

Doppelgaenger Gallery
Via Verrone 8, Bari, Italy
June 25th – September 15th 2013

Curated by Vittorio Parisi – directed by Antonella Spano and Michele Spinelli

I presented three works for the Fresh Flâneurs exhibition in Bari: 8 Linee attraverso 4 Punti, a random painting experiment on a wall inside the gallery, Schegge, a new participative installation from the series Astillas and a mural painting on a public building in the city.

8 Linee attraverso 4 Punti – Randomly generated mural painting

“8 lines made of 4 points” – Following a very simple set of predetermined rules, I painted eight lines; each one of them was made of four points randomly positioned on a defined plane.

Schegge – Participative installation

As in previous Astillas installations, I individually painted 41 pieces of wood I found in the streets of Bari. Before the opening, I arranged the pieces on the floor leaving the construction of the installation and the evolution of its compositions in the visitors’ hands.

Mural Painting in the city

Three façades (12 x 5, 12 x 5 and 12 x 8 m.) on a city maintenance building on via Matteo Renato Imbriani.

Thanks to Dopplegaenger Gallery: Antonella, Michele, Vittorio and Eugenio, to Carlo and Giovani and to LUCE.

One Minute Before

Since I started painting geometric shapes using masking tape I have always found the moment right before pulling the tape off very interesting. At first, it looks a bit uncontrolled and messy but with a closer look, you can already begin to see an organized structure among the chaos of the tape and paint. Because painting in the street (for obvious reasons) has to be a quick action, this moment where the paint and the tape exist simultaneously is always extremely short. The idea for this new series called “One Minute Before” is to generate a collection of drawings based on the re-creation of this brief moment just before the tape is pulled off and the painting is revealed – a moment that, apart from myself, very few people have ever seen. All the drawings are based on real paintings that exist or have existed in the street, most of them painted illegally.

The first three drawings of this series were created in Beijing in June 2013 using pencil, acrylic and watercolor on paper.

This new series of work was presented to the public for the first time during the Wooster Collective 10th Anniversary Show at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York in August of 2013.

To ask about availability and prices of these artworks, please write an email to:


Katowice Street Art Festival
Organized by the Culture Institution of Katowice
Katowice, Poland
April 17th – April 24th 2013

11 m. X 20 m. façade in Szopienice neighborhood.

Eltono Katowice 2013

Many thanks to the whole Katowice Street Art Festival crew and their amazing volunteers. Additional pictures by Bartek Barczyk.

Script 1.3

International Montessori School of Beijing
Beijing, China
April 12th and 15th 2013

Automatic mural painting experiment during two days with 51 kids. 62 lines were painted.



Thanks to Jaime, Sierra and all the kids from the International Montessori School of Beijing.