Trames I & II

Composition on tramway
Échappées d’art, Angers, France
Project curated by Winterlong gallery
Summer 2018

Pictures: Thierry Bonnet – Ville d’Angers


Casal Solleric
Solo show Funambuls
Palma de Mallorca, Spain
April 2018

Palma is full of architectural and decorative elements as interesting as they are peculiar. The artist select some of them to reproduce the space they generate cutting the three-dimensional negative space of these geometric fragments. They are shapes that one could easily touch and perfectly recognize with his finger. Wooden mouldings that the artist makes us locate and fit in while we discover others. A different look on the city aesthetic.

Familia Lopes

Composition on building
Lopes Family’s house
Comunidade Norte 1, São Vicente, Cape Verde, 11/2017

6 hoops

SET Espai d’Art
Solo show Anomalías
Valencia, Spain
September 15th – November 11th 2017

This project started with a map of Valencia. I looked for itineraries with the most circular shape possible. I found six. I created a wooden sculpture from each itinerary. Subsequently, I walked each sculpture in the city on the very path it represents. Each walk varied from 1 to 6 km. I presented the sculptures as they were at the end of each walk.

Drawings in the bus

SET Espai d’Art
Solo show Anomalías
Valencia, Spain
September 15th – November 11th 2017

Running away from the comfort and the security of the studio, I drew pictures while sitting inside the urban buses of the city of Valencia. I drew the same composition 12 times during 12 journeys on different bus lines. Every imperfection on the drawings are the result of the annoyance and discomfort produced by the movement of the trip. I not only had no absolute control over my drawings but I also had no control on where the bus was bringing me; at the end of each drawing, when I raised my head, most of the time I was totally lost.

Painted Rocks

SET Espai d’Art
Solo show Anomalías
Valencia, Spain
September 15th – November 11th 2017

I looked for rocks in the streets around the gallery. I found 14. For each one, I noted down the exact place where it was found. I brought the rocks to the studio and I painted them with 3 coats of 3 different colors. Then, I brought each one of them back to the place where I found it and from this point, I kicked it through the street until it entered by the gallery door.


Box edited by Underdogs. 5 colored layers that can be turned and reordered to create endless combination possibilities.

Edition of 14, signed and numbered; Mate vinyl coated five-layer cut-out cardboard on wooden mount. 42,5 x 33 cm.

650 Euros, shipping included

On sale exclusively at Underdogs’ online shop:

Modo n.º14

Generative painting
“Les Lilas” public housing building
Langres, France 11/2016

Project selected in the framework of the 2016 call for projects on Urban Art by the French Ministry of Culture.

Production: Le Chien à Plumes

Thanks to Benjamin Venck, Le Chien à Plumes, Naps and Hamaris Public Housing.
Pictures by Benjamin Venck and Eltono.