Modo n.º5

Generative and participative painting
Clemenceau Park
Dijon, France 06/2016

5 days and 87 participants – project organized by the Acodege Cultural Center and financed by the Commission de Quartier Clemenceau and the city of Dijon.


Modo n.º2

Generative and participative painting
Cité Brûlard (the “408”)
Besançon, France 03/2016

9 days and 125 participants – project organized by Juste Ici part of a CLEA (local contract of artistic education) with la Butte and la Grette schools.

Thanks to the whole Juste Ici team, to the volunteers (Fany and Sandrine), to the MJC Grette-Butte, to the 408 residents, to the teachers of la Butte and la Grette schools and most of all to the 125 children who participated in the painting.

Pictures by Fany and Eltono

Modo n.º1

Generative and participative painting
Les Grésilles Market
Dijon, France 03/2016

4 days and 30 participants – project organized by Zutique with the participation of the children from the MJC and the social center of the Grésilles neighborhood.

53 / 5

53 lines made of 5 points
Zestafoni, Georgia
October 15th – October 18th 2013
2,40 m. x 85 m.

This is the second time I ran this random wall painting experiment; it was executed for the first time – statically – in Bari, Italy and was called 8 Linee attraverso 4 Punti.

For this second attempt, the painting expanded to the right. Each line was made of 4 segments passing through 5 randomly positioned points on a plane (1,6 x 2,8 m. vertically centered on the wall). Once the X and Y coordinates were generated, the 5 points were marked on the wall, joined together from 1 to 5 and the segments were painted with one of the 8 randomly selected colors. Then the plane was moved 2/3 of its length to the right and the next set of segments was generated. In four days, we managed to paint 53 figures.

Panoramic animation (pass your mouse over the image to move it).

This project was made possible thanks to Zestafoni Ferroalloy Plant, Tamara Bokuchava (, Nini Palavandishvili ( and George Okruashvili.

8 / 4

Doppelgaenger Gallery
Via Verrone 8, Bari, Italy
June 25th – September 15th 2013

8 Linee attraverso 4 Punti – Randomly generated mural painting – Mural executed for the Fresh Flâneurs show in Doppelgaenger Gallery.

“8 lines made of 4 points” – Following a very simple set of predetermined rules, I painted eight lines; each one of them was made of four points randomly positioned on a defined plane.

Script 1.3

International Montessori School of Beijing
Beijing, China
April 12th and 15th 2013

Automatic mural painting experiment during two days with 51 kids. 62 lines were painted.



Thanks to Jaime, Sierra and all the kids from the International Montessori School of Beijing.

Path Mural

Deambular (Wandering)
Artium, Basque Museum of Contemporary Art
Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
July 6th – September 2nd 2012

Praxis Project: Curated by Blanca de la Torre – Production coordination by Yolanda de Egoscozabal

Deambular – Actions in the public space of Vitoria-Gasteiz and in the exhibition space
Control center and exhibition space: Praxis, North Gallery, ARTIUM
Curators: Sergio García and Javier Abarca

See the whole project here:

Paths Mural Painting:

Every morning on the museum’s wall, using the correspondent color, I painted the path I have been walking the day before. Using masking tape, the drawing was stylized and simplified. I added a rule: the more I transited a street during that day, the thicker I had to paint the line. This uncontrolled mural evolved everyday during the 12 days of the residency. The idea was to generate a wall painting in which the final appearance was out of my control and to appreciate the result as a whole abstract painting and not like individual maps.

I used a large paper map to transfer the daily paths from my notebook to the museum wall. This graphic transfer process generated a huge quantity of colored dots (the ones I was marking and following as guides to paint the lines on the wall). The large map proved to be a faithful replica of the map I was creating while sticking the colored dots everyday in the city. This large piece, called Matrix Map, was left on the floor of the museum in the middle of the room – the same place it could be found during the time I was working in the museum.

Automatic Painting

Art Re-Public Festival
Yoyogi Park, Harajuku,Tokyo, Japan
May 5th 2011

My last visit to Japan coincided with the Art Re-Public festival organized by my friend Yusaku. Over the past few years this festival has taken place in the streets of Tokyo to celebrate “Kodomo No Hi” or Children’s Day, an annual celebration throughout Japan. This year however, the festival took place in Yoyogi park in Harajuku.

I was offered the opportunity to do an installation at the event and decided to take advantage of the presence of so many children to do an experiment with one of my automatic painting projects. Four stations were prepared where people (mostly children) could choose randomly between 9 figures, 6 colors, 8 orientations and 289 positions. This choice was determined through a series of simple games. The experiment lasted 5 hours during which 85 people participated and 86 figures were painted.



This project would not have been possible without the help of Sierra Forest and the invitation and hospitality of Yusaku and his family. Thanks!