Modo n.º41

Generative and collective mural painting
Gisèle Guillemot High School, Mondeville, France
November 2020
52 participants

Project carried out with 52 students as part of the Festival Palma.

Modo n.º39

“10 kolommen” generative and collective mural painting
Heerlen, Netherlands
August 2020
130 participants

Project produced by the Stichting Street Art Fondation and curated by Approved By Pablo.

The building has 130 apartments. After measuring the wall and analyzing the structure of the building, I found an easy and logical way to divide the façade in 130 cells. Before starting the painting, we went door to door and asked the residents to run a generative protocol to create what would be painted in each cell. Almost all of the 130 shapes on the wall were generated by the residents of the building.

Production : Lars Ickenroth
Assistant : Dazetwo
Photographer : Sanne Gijsbers

Yuma Art Center

Composition on Building n.º27
Yuma Art Center, Yuma, Arizona, USA
October 2019

Painting commissioned by the McKivergan Foundation.
Assistants : Lia Littlewood and Amber.


Monumental mural painting
Art collective Equipo Plástico
Manzanares, Ciudad Real, Spain
July 2019

Mural painted as part of Titanes project curated by Ink and Movement, Laborvalía y la Diputación de Ciudad Real.

Modo n.º33

Generative and collective mural
Executed with 15 studients
Faculty of Fine Arts, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain
December 2018

Project curated by Urvanity Tuenti Urban Art Academy.

CSB n.º25

Composition on Building n.º25
Rue Gambetta, Niort, France
October 2018

Project curated by Winterlong Gallery and Le Loup Blanc.