Promenades Journal

Ongoing project
November 2013 – today

The Promenades Project is about walking, observation and spontaneity. It’s about wandering in the city with no pressure, no time limit, no goal apart from walking and enjoying it. It’s about walking with total freedom of time and space to be able to do all that things that you always want to do but you don’t because you have no time. It’s about moving crosscurrent in the city with time for contemplation to be able to observe details that most people don’t notice.



Rule #1: Walk and, if possible, create something on the way.
Rule #2: Only use material found during the walk – the only material I allow myself to bring is for
documentation (notebook, phone, camera) and a bag.
Rule #3: Only execute ideas created during the walk – or a predecessor walk.
Rule #4: Enjoy the walk.

This journal is a straight chronological transcription of what happened during each walk.

Branco de España

Fundación Caixa Galicia, La Coruña, Spain
April 15th – June 27th 2010

I first presented the project Branco de España during the Postgraffiti, Geometría y Abstracción exhibition curated by Javier Abarca at the Fundación Caixa Galicia during the MUAU in A Coruña.

This is another experiment like Pubblico, Coriandoli or El Autotono where the final result of the artwork is completely dependent on pedestrian interaction. In this project the basis of my interest and observation was the combination of random organic drawings with my clean, calculated designs. People drew with their fingers slowly revealing my hidden images.

You can see the video first by clicking here.

This is the video that was shown in the gallery. It was filmed and edited by M.A. Barrigüete.

Thanks to all the amazing people from the MUAU, Javier Abarca for giving me the opportunity to partake in this exhibition, and Henry Chalfant for his great conversation, insight and company.

Pictures by Elba Fernández, M.A. Barrigüete and Eltono.