PLAF – Autonomous Mechanisms
New York, U.S.A.
August – September 2008

Project in collaboration with MOMO

During August and September 2008, with my friend and artist MOMO, we have been setting up, without any kind of permission, kinetic sculptures in the New York waterways.

Plaf is a word for splash in both Spanish and French and relates to the on-going project that features kinetic sculptures that have been placed and fastened in several locations in the New York Waterways. Constructed from used materials, the work will be left to the elements as a way to explore the force and power of water that goes unused and unnoticed in New York City. Using the rivers water, wind, tides, and currents, the sculptures will shift and decay, leaving the work just as it is without comment on form or representation.

An indoor exhibition happened at the same time at the Anonymous Gallery.

You can find the complete documentation on the blog of the project:

List of the installations we did during the project:

Hallet’s Cove

Momo Eltono - PLAF Hallets Cove - NY

Thrash Islands

Momo Eltono - PLAF Trash Island - NY

Broadway Beach

MOMO Eltono - PLAF Broadway Beach - NY

East River Park

Momo Eltono - PLAF East River Park - NY

Gantry Plaza

Momo Eltono - PLAF Gantry Plaza - NY

Plaf Maker

Momo Eltono - PLAF Maker - NY

The Plaf Exhibition

Momo Eltono - PLAF Exhibition - NY

Map of the project with the instalations locations: