Corners of(f) Society

Colab Gallery
Weil am Rhein, Alemania
Noviembre 2018 – abril 2019

Proyecto en colaboración con Luce

Comisariado por Daniel Künzler

Después de nuestra primera colaboración en 2015 que estaba enfocada en la idea del periscopio y de la posibilidad de ver a través de las paredes, volvimos a retomar el asunto con artilugios más portátiles y nuevos diseños para experimentar con ellos en diferentes situaciones por la ciudad. Los objetos fueron mostrados acompañados con fotos de las acciones que completamos con ellos.



Texto del comisario (en inglés):

On 24th November 2018, the Colab Gallery will openned its doors for the group exhibition “Corners Of(f) Society”, featuring seven international artists that work with, around and in urban areas.

We would like to ask visitors the question how and why places function, and which impact the geographical environment has on perception and behavior. If you have, e.g., several possibilities to reach a supermarket, you would choose a certain route according to your mood.

During your daily life, you efficiently choose the shortest way, that unfortunately leads along a noisy, four-lane road. Then again, you deliberately look for a route, that leads you away from the actual place of destination taking you to interesting places, an abandoned house, an open terrain or a park at the city’s´ outskirts. However, losing your orientation and just strolling along, can also be seen as something positive, something that triggers your thirst for adventure and allows unexpected things to happen. Every one of us has his daily rituals, that are not only determined by functionality.

You can tell stories about some places, others you will seek because you feel comfortable there or because you are striving for a certain mood, or because the atmosphere and aura there bring back memories. Wandering around means getting lost, being active, collecting things you find in the street, getting onto a metro, the next bus and climbing out somewhere else, having deleted the common reason for getting from A to B. It means actively soaking up the terrain, the people, the animals or the trash in the streets. Without perspectives and intention, there is more to discover.

The participating artists show with alert eyes aesthetic glances of cities, peripheries, and surprising encounters. We are looking forward to present the works of Relfy (Can), Cyop & Kaf (It), Swampy (Usa), Bruno Rodrigues & Fábio Vieira (Bra), Road Dogs (Fr), Raskalov & Makhorov (Rus), LUCE & Eltono (Es).

Muchas gracias a Danny, K100, Marc y a todo el equipo de Colab.