Modo n.º40

Generative and collective mural painting
Moulin-Voltaire grade shcool in Chaumont, France
125 participants

Project carried out with 125 students from Moulin-Voltaire and Jonchery grade schools and Camille Saint-Saëns middle school.


Aleatory Stamp Compositions

Archival ink on 300 g. Gvarro paper.
3 colors, 20 x 18 cm. (7,8 x 7 inches).

The 9x(3C8F4R) compositions are composed of three layers stamped one on top of the other, each one of a different color. First layer is yellow, second one is red and third one is blue. For each layer, the shapes and their rotation are randomly generated. The 9x(3C8F4R) protocol works on a 3 x 3 grid with 8 shapes (including an empty one) and 4 rotations. The protocol is rigorously followed and the final result is never known before the end. Each composition is unique.

Process pictures:

Available here:

Modo n.º48

Generative and collective mural painting
DAIS Center, Melun, France
July 2021
6 participants

Project curated by the Centre Georges Pompidou and produced by Studio 13/16.

Modern Building Generator

Modern Building Generator is a Processing script where the parameters are set to produce a different modern building each time. You can watch the generator running live here:

All the images are unique 1/1. SVG file, 2222 x 1666 px, black & white.
99 iterations have been generated out of a maximum of 99.

Although the probabilities say it’s highly improbable, it’s not totally impossible that the same building will be generated twice. I will not intervene in the results.

The minting is closed. The NFTs are available on the second market on Opensea:


Set #1 (1 to 11):

Set #2 (12 to 22): Set #3 (23 to 33): Set #4 (34 to 44): Set #5 (45 to 55): Set #6 (56 to 66):
Set #7 (67 to 77): Set #8 (78 to 88): Set #9 (89 to 99):

“ADD”, Aleatory Digital Drawings

ADD, Aleatory Digital Drawings, 3 color, generative drawings. Each drawing is unique. Compositions are generated with Processing and saved as .png files. Each drawing is hand dated and hand signed on touch-screen.

I’ll be generating one drawing a day for one year, I’ll generate the last ADD on December 31st 2021. I generated the first ADD on January 4th 2021 so the total iterations will be 362 drawings when the project is completed. A new set will start at the beghining of each month with a slight change in the protocol (colors or shapes). Drawings are generated in my studio in Périgord, France, if not, a mention is added in the NFT description.

Each drawing is unique and part of a limited algorithmic edition of 362.
.png file, 3949 x 5923 px (1895 x 2840 px before 07/02/2021), available as NFTs on Opensea:

ADD is a digital version of DMA Drawings:

Protocol ADD(P1): it randomly chooses 1 shape out of 5, 2 stripe directions (h or v), 3 colors and 4 orientations (0, 90, 180, 270). Then a 3×2 grid is filled with 3 overlapping layers.


January Set:

February Set:

March Set: