Fundació Joan Miró
Parc de Montjuïc, Barcelona, Spain
February 19th – June 6th 2010

Curated by Martina Millá
Mural painting in collaboration with Nuria Mora


“Murals” represents a meeting point and a creative space for mural painters of our time. The Foundation invited ten artists who come from as far as West Africa, Mexico and the United States as well as Europe to work on the walls of the temporary exhibition area.

Pictures by Nuria, Eltono and Pere.

6 days time-lapse video:

La Cuadrada

“Kaleidoscopic Vision in the city of Lima”

Centro Cultural de España
Natalio Sanchez 181, Lima, Peru.
From the 5th to the 27th of November, 2009

Lima as a departure point, the only stimulus, direct contact with the city. Without preconceived ideas or previous studies we generated audio-visual projects and installations through real life street experiences, dialogue with it’s people and the appropriation and decontextualization of local resources. The exhibition consists of two well defined parts. First a photographic documentation of everything that caught our attention during the four weeks that we were in Peru. A visual stimuli that served as raw material to produce the pieces. Second, a synthesis of this experience materialized in the form of sculptural installations and a mural in the exhibition space of the prestigious Spanish Cultural Center in Lima.

A big thank you to: Jules Bay and her team; Alvaro García Vilches, David Flores-Hora and all the staff at CCE in Lima.

The complete documentation about the project is published on the official Equipo Plástico website: (in Spanish)














Rojo Out

Mural painting project for ROJO®out
Av. Pres. Juscelino Kubitschek – Marginal Pinheiros, Sao Paulo, Brazil
August 28th, 29th and 30th 2009

Project in collaboration with Nuria Mora


10th International Artistic Investigation Festival of Valencia
Museu de les Drassanes
Valencia, Spain
June 4th – June 27th 2009

I’ve been invited to participate in the 10th issue of Observatori festival with my interactive installation Coriandoli (I did this installation for the first time at Cripta747 in Turin in 2009:

I also showed two videos of confetti actions I did in the streets of Turin:

Street Art

Tate Modern
Londres, Reino Unido
23 de mayo – 25 agosto 2008
Mural en colaboración con Nuria Mora
Comisariado por Cedar Lewisohn y Rafael Schacter

The Street Art Walking Tour: Un recorrido de arte site-specific alrededor del museo; parte de la exposición Street Art.


Street Art

Tate Modern
London, U.K.
May 23rd – August 25th 2008

Curated by Cedar Lewisohn and Rafael Schacter

The Street Art Walking Tour:
An urban tour of site-specific art from a group of five Madrid-based street artists: 3TTMan, Spok, Nano 4814, Eltono and Nuria Mora.

For the Walking Tour, I painted four pieces in the streets around the Tate and did the Public/Private signboards installation in collaboration with Nuria Mora.

Especially for the event, I designed a 9 colours silkscreen print, edited by the Tate Modern, you can see it in the Boutique here:

Eltono Tate Modern London

Download this map as your guide: