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Festival Of World Cultures
Dún Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland
July 23rd – 25th 2010

In June of 2010 I was invited by the Festival of World Cultures to reconstruct my Astillas instalation. It was first presented in La Culpable galery in Lima in June of 2008 ( The event lasted 2 days and thanks to the constant public participation, the instalation was ever-changing and new compositions were created constantly.

All of a sudden a carnaval began in front of the instalation!

Back to Peru

In honor of the land where the instalation was first conceived, I decided to send one of the wood chips “back to Peru”…

In these images below, you can see a selection of the compositions done by varios people throughout the festival.

Thank you very much Jane, Jules and Anja.


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Tampiquito, Monterrey, México
April – May 2009

Project curated by Nrmal and El Narval

Residency project:
From April 1st to May 26th 2009
Exhibition at La galería en el Taller Mecánico:
From May 21st to July 7th, Calle Plutarco Elias Calles #419, Colonia Tampiquito,
San Pedro, NL


I’ve been invited by Nrmal and El Narval to be the first artist to participate in Residencia Tampiquito, an artistic residency in a popular neighbourhood in San Pedro (Monterrey, Nuevo León, México). I lived and painted for two months in Tampiquito and at the end we opened an exhibition in a gallery to show the result of the residency.

I painted around 50 pieces on people’s houses, had a 10 years old best friend and assistant (because of the flu, the schools were closed so Javi my neighbors’ son was helping me to paint almost everyday!), had an incredible crew working with me sorting out photos, videos, press and BBQ’s and felt very sad when I had to go back home!

If by chance you are in Monterrey, download the map of the paintings here, print it and have a walk in the awesome Tampiquito neighbourhood!

One day while I was painting, an amazing cumbia was played from a huge pick-up parked next to me. I met the owner of the car, Raúl el Tamborín, and after offering me a couple of beers, he gave me the tape as a gift! Nrmal made a mixtape out of it so everybody can enjoy it:!

The project had an incredible press coverage, you can check it here:

Thanks to: Lucas (Nrmal) and Luis (El Narval), Lalo, Samuel Catherine, Screw, Huizar, Maf, Malo, Angel, Lara, Telma, Paco, the Briones Morales family, Ofimodul, all my friends that helped and all Tampiquito residents!

Direct links to the picture galleries:

1 – Paintings pictures
2 – Exhibition pictures
3 – Opening pictures
4 – Extra pictures

Pictures of the street paintings:

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Pictures of the exhibition at La Galería en el Taller Mecánico:

For the inside part of the residency, I worked on an installation, some prints and 4 wood replicas of paintings originally done in the street. With the great help of Screw, Huizar and Paco we built up the installation inspired in Tampiquito “do it yourself” architecture with typical elements we found around the neighborhood.
The replicas were made of wood and are life-size reproductions of paintings number 5, 28, 36 and 46.

More pictures on the Nrmal website:
Expo Residencia Tampiquito : Eltono

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Pictures of the opening at La Galería en el Taller Mecánico:

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Extra pictures:

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Y así nació la CUADRIMETRÍA!

Pictures are from Eduardo Hernandez (, Samuel Catherine, Lucas, Luis, Telma and Eltono.

El Autotono

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Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico
October – November 2008

Project produced with the great help of Nrmal
It was first presented during the Mutek Festival in Mexico City.

The Autotono is a mobile installation built in order to explore how people can interact with an artwork in a public space. My idea was to create a kind of puzzle with 3 designs mixed-up and observe how the people can change them trying to find the original designs (or not!). What I was interested in was not to see people completing the puzzle but to register all the intermediate compositions that were created without my control during the process. My idea with this experiment was essentially to observe and learn.

I was interested in observing the results of the Autotono in different situations, so we build it with wheels to be able to move it easily. We installed it, in busy streets, touristic squares, in parties, in a design fair, in a park, in a school…

The name “Autotono” states for automobile (“un auto” is “a car” in Spanish) and automatic (automaticly created compositions, without the intervention of the artist).

Thanks a lot to Ofimodul for letting us use their spare wood, their installation and for the great help of their workers. Pictures by Rafa, Lalo, Nrmal and Eltono.

Direct links to the picture galleries:

1 – Building pictures
2 – Mexico City pictures
3 – Monterrey pictures
4 – States pictures
5 – Simulation video

Building the Autotono:

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The Autotono in Mexico City, during the Mutek festival:

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The Autotono in Monterrey:

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The different states the Autotono passed through:

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Simulation video:

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Check that small interview from the Design Week Monterrey (in Spanish).


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PLAF – Autonomous Mechanisms
New York, U.S.A.
August – September 2008

Project in collaboration with MOMO

During August and September 2008, with my friend and artist MOMO, we have been setting up, without any kind of permission, kinetic sculptures in the New York waterways.

Plaf is a word for splash in both Spanish and French and relates to the on-going project that features kinetic sculptures that have been placed and fastened in several locations in the New York Waterways. Constructed from used materials, the work will be left to the elements as a way to explore the force and power of water that goes unused and unnoticed in New York City. Using the rivers water, wind, tides, and currents, the sculptures will shift and decay, leaving the work just as it is without comment on form or representation.

An indoor exhibition happened at the same time at the Anonymous Gallery.

You can find the complete documentation on the blog of the project:

List of the installations we did during the project:

Hallet’s Cove

Momo Eltono - PLAF Hallets Cove - NY

Thrash Islands

Momo Eltono - PLAF Trash Island - NY

Broadway Beach

MOMO Eltono - PLAF Broadway Beach - NY

East River Park

Momo Eltono - PLAF East River Park - NY

Gantry Plaza

Momo Eltono - PLAF Gantry Plaza - NY

Plaf Maker

Momo Eltono - PLAF Maker - NY

The Plaf Exhibition

Momo Eltono - PLAF Exhibition - NY

Map of the project with the instalations locations:


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La Noche en Blanco
Matadero Contemporary Art Center
Madrid, Spain
September 22nd 2007

Project in collaboration with Nuria Mora

A climbable sculpture built for La Noche en Blanco in the yard of Matadero Madrid, the new Comtemporary Art Center in Madrid.

Wood and paint, 40 m x 20 m

Pictures by: Hoffamm

Puerta Lumbreras

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150 doors , 15 days
Puerto Lumbreras, Murcia, Spain
August 17th – August 31st 2006

In August 2006, I’ve been invited by Miguel Angel Cayuela and the Puerto Lumbreras City Council to spend 15 days in the village and paint 150 doors in the old center. You can download the map of the doors here: Puerta Lumbreras Map.


Puerto Lumbreras, una localidad con algo más de 12.000 habitantes que durante 15 días al final de agosto del 2006 ha abierto su casco antiguo a las intervenciones que Eltono se dispuso a realizar en 150 puertas. La clave: no cubrir ni transformar el ambiente real, todo lo contrario, buscar la integración de estas intervenciones subrayando los detalles que puedan tener estas puertas en cuanto a texturas y colores, buscando dar protagonismo a esos lugares que han quedado al margen de un uso estético existente pero inapreciable para el peatón. Más detalles del proyecto aquí.

A book about the project has been edited by the City Council of Puerto Lumbreras.


Artículo en
Artículo del cierre del proyecto en


Installation de sculptures dans la rue
Projet indépendant
Madrid, Espagne
2004 – 2005

Photos par Jota Dominguez

Pinto Gratis

Madrid, Espagne

Campagne Pinto Gratis (je peins gratuitement) – 2000 affiches