DMA, Dessins Mécaniques Aléatoires
(Aleatory Mechanical Drawings)

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Archival ink on giclée print. Acid-free 300g Montval Canson paper.

The DMA_eq drawings are randomly generated following the RG_eq protocol. To create the drawings, I use two machines: a large-format plotter and a CNC. The protocol works as follows:

– A P5JS script generates a random gradient using 2, 3, or 4 colors.
– A second P5JS script creates a dynamic/irregular grid and fills each cell with a geometric shape. For each shape, the position, rotation, and hatch are chosen at random. I use 6 different hatch types: 0°, 90°, 45°, -45°, cross 0/90°, and cross 45/-45°.
– In Inkscape, the gradient is clipped into the background of each of the shapes.
– The clipped gradient is printed with the plotter.
– Depending on the size of the drawing, the hatch is sent either to the Axidraw or to the CNC and traced with a fine-liner pen on top of the gradient.

There are different sizes available: 16×24 cm, 33×50 cm y 40×65 cm (6.3×9.4 inches, 13×19.6 inches, and 15.7×25.6 inches).

The EQVILIBRIVM collection will be made available on November 30th at 8pm (Paris time) here: www.eltono.com/boutique/

Process pictures:

Video by Romain Baudry:

Thanks a lot to Romain Baudry for the video and to the Carton family for the plotter!

Varsi Residency

Varsi Art Lab, Rome, Italy
June 2023

During the two-week residency, with the support of 56Fili, I had the opportunity to explore the use of the screen printing technique, disrupting its conventional patterns and employing it as an extension of my artistic and aesthetic research.

The methodology applied to my generative art projects (Modo, Eltonolab, etc.) was consequently implemented in the productions of this residency. In a delicate balance between rules and chance, a new collection of screen-printed works emerged, breaking away from the typical series norms in favor of uniqueness.

I have created three new collections:

  • Strappato, a work of layering screen-printed and torn papers, a series of 8 unique pieces measuring 126 x 77 cm, numbered, mounted on wood, and 2 artist proofs on paper.
  • Otto, a series of 8 unique pieces measuring 100 x 70 cm, numbered, and 8 artist proofs.
  • Magari, a series of 25 unique pieces measuring 70 x 50 cm and 11 artist proofs.

The works are available here: galleriavarsi.it/artists/eltono

Strappato :

Otto :

Magari :

Photos: Ornella Mercier (@ornella.mercier)

1, 2, 3, couleurs

Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille, France
October 2023

As part of its actions for inclusion and diversification of its audiences, the Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille opened a free space for children aged 0 to 6 in the heart of its atrium in the fall of 2023, in partnership with the art initiation center Mille Formes from Clermont-Ferrand. The idea is to provide young children with their first multisensory artistic experience centered around shapes and colors through contemporary artworks.

Alongside Claude Como, I was invited to present my Espaces Manipulables (Manipulable Spaces) project, which was developed in 2022 in collaboration with the art initiation center Mille Formes. Additionally, I was asked to paint the exterior wall of the exhibition space in the museum’s atrium. I executed the generative painting Modo n.°55 in seven days.

Modo n.°55 generative mural painting:

Espaces Manipulables, installation:

“1, 2, 3 couleurs” is a project conceived and supported by the Mediation and Audience Engagement department of the Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille / City of Lille. It received sponsorship from Rigolo Comme La Vie in collaboration with the We Act for Kids Fond’actions, as well as in-kind sponsorship from Unikalo.

Photos: Eltono



Bourdeilles, France
June 2022

Project realized in collaboration with the town of Bourdeilles and the Dordogne-Périgord Departmental Cultural Agency.

Upon the invitation of the Departmental Cultural Agency and the town of Bourdeilles, I have conceived a series of graphic compositions for the Grand Rue, the main street in the village. This work involved participatory workshops with over seventy residents. This installation marks the official launch of a collective consultation initiated by the municipality regarding the future urban and landscape redevelopment of the town.

I collaborated with primary school students, volunteers, as well as residents from the La Prada medical center and the Les Deux Séquoias nursing home. Using architectural elements, I created twenty-four shapes and defined a color palette. I introduced participants to a graphic and playful protocol where choices were based on the results of dice rolls. Each number corresponded to a shape, an orientation, and a color. The dice throws generated over two hundred motifs, allowing me to compose the banners.

Participants, from 6 to 101 years old:
Erinne, Emma, Lisa, Elvin, Antoine, Loup, Luther, Arthur, Joseph, Alice, Margot, Abel, Céline, Guy, Patrick, Elie, Nolan, Solange, Chantal, Alexis, Killyan, John, Jessica, Clara, Nathalie, Pierre, Paulette, Simone, Hameury, Jean-Claude, Marie, Alain, Christine, Nicolas, Maria, Marie-Colette, Joan, Lorenzo, Thomas, Camille, Soyann, Flore, Sasha, Maëlys, Ethan, Adèle, Yoann, Jaja, Hugo, Jules V, Léo, Lulu, Océane, Elisa, Léon, Jules F, Mélissa, Eywa, Ladig, Kyllian, along with their teachers and activity leaders.

Bourdeilles Town Hall & Dordogne-Périgord Departmental Cultural Agency – 2022

Photos: Eltono

Modo n.º54

Generative and collective wall painting
Quartier Saint-Jacques, Clermont-Ferrand, France
June 2023

Project commissioned and organized by Pauline Simon for the city of Clermont-Ferrand. 220 participants from three primary schools in the neighborhood.

Thanks to Pauline, Prince, Sarah and Sadek, all the kids and teachers.

Modo n.º53

Generative and collective wall painting
Quartier Saint-Jacques, Clermont-Ferrand, France
June 2023

Project commissioned and organized by Pauline Simon for the city of Clermont-Ferrand. 220 participants from three primary schools in the neighborhood.

Thanks to Pauline, Prince, Sarah and Sadek, all the kids and teachers and all the crew from the pétanque club des Liondards.

Out of Disorder

Antonio Colombo Gallery
Via Solferino, 44, Milan, Italy
December 2022

Out of Disorder is a show about abstraction and how we create our own world around it. Alongside Guido Bisagni (108) and Jeroen Erosie.

Text by Vittorio Parisi:

“To get out of chaos without erasing chaos”: with this phrase, Gilles Deleuze tackled the question of abstract painting, underlining its ability to transform chaos into cosmos, without however allowing the latter to disavow the former. Great abstract painting is, to all effects, a way for force disorder into a form, producing images that do not resemble anything, but precisely for this reason have a universal function. To take this path, the painter has to paradoxically yield part of the control he exerts on material, in order to usher it out from the disorder of the world. This momentary loss of control is the basis for the work of three great exponents of abstract muralism: 108, Eltono and Erosie.

Starting from a shared background – that of graffiti writing – although with three very different approaches to painting, these artists produce forms with the goal of putting the chaos of reality back into an unprecedented order: graphic, dense with signs that simulate letters and pictograms, in the case of Erosie; geometric, the result of a creative process to some extent externalized and open to chance, in the case of Eltono; mystical, inhabited by irregular, spectral forms, in the work of 108. Whether this happens within the boundaries of a wall, a canvas or a sheet of paper, the principle that governs the works in this show does not change, which is the principle of all great abstract art: on the very thin borderline between chaos and cosmos, the realm of pure form begins.

Pictures by Pier Maulini.

Modo n.º51

Generative and collective painting
Saint-Cyprien Middle School, France
June/July 2022
20 participants

Aleatory sequence of four colors alternated with white. Project commissioned by the College of Saint-Cyprien with the participation of the Departmental Cultural Agency Dordogne-Périgord.