Seamless infinite generative abstract SVG animationsMint is currently open -> Cyclos is a collection of endless animations. Each abstract composition is generated with P5JS and saved as SVG, a vector graphic format that ensures the clips are crisp and uncompressed. The animations are designed to continuously evolve, creating an ever-changing visual experience. From playful to… Continue reading Cyclos


Generative abstract compositions.Mint is currently open ->   The Protocol: Oyoyiz is a graphic algorithm set to generate abstract compositions. Available in 8 different color palettes and 2 styles (Organic and Brutalist). On a grid of a minimum of 2×2 to a maximum of 5×5 cells, each cell is filled with a shape. The… Continue reading Oyoyiz


ADD, Aleatory Digital Drawings, 3 color, generative drawings. Each drawing is unique. Compositions were generated with Processing and saved as .png files. Each drawing was daily hand dated and hand signed on touch-screen. I wrote a Medium article about the ADD collection and how I started making NFTs: I’ve been generating one drawing a… Continue reading ADD


To participate, please fill out the form here: Deterministic Form All the 50 drawings have been generated and minted, 5 are still available on the primary market: The project: Toolpath is a cross chain on-demand deterministic generative project. It explores the possibilities of generating digital images going through analogical processes. The drawings are generated… Continue reading Toolpath