Infinite generative abstract SVG animations > Mint opens on March 17th at 6 pm Paris time, 1pm Eastern Time, 10 am Pacific Daylight Time. Cyclos is a collection of endless animations. Each abstract composition is generated with P5JS and saved as SVG, a vector graphic format that ensures the clips are crisp and uncompressed. The… Continue reading Cyclos


Generative abstract compositions.Minting will open on October 19th 2022 at 9pm (CEST) on Fxhash. ->   The Protocol: Oyoyiz is a graphic algorithm set to generate abstract compositions. Available in 8 different color palettes and 2 styles (Organic and Brutalist). On a grid of a minimum of 2×2 to a maximum of 5×5 cells,… Continue reading Oyoyiz


Mint is open -> Swing is a graphic algorithm that is set to generate both bold and elegant compositions. The variables are set to output a fine balance between lines and background colors and to create straightforward graphic signs. Some outputs look like logos, others like letters and some are super minimal. The parameters… Continue reading Swing


ADD, Aleatory Digital Drawings, 3 color, generative drawings. Each drawing is unique. Compositions were generated with Processing and saved as .png files. Each drawing was daily hand dated and hand signed on touch-screen. I wrote a Medium article about the ADD collection and how I started making NFTs: I’ve been generating one drawing a… Continue reading ADD


To participate, please fill out the form here: Deterministic Form All the 50 drawings have been generated and minted, 5 are still available on the primary market: The project: Toolpath is a cross chain on-demand deterministic generative project. It explores the possibilities of generating digital images going through analogical processes. The drawings are generated… Continue reading Toolpath