#53, #30 and #65 minted on May 25th 2021

The protocol Modo n.°7

The Andradite project is based on one of my favorite wall painting protocols: the Modo n.°7. I use it to create not only generative wall paintings but also drawings (by hand, mechanical or digital), wood assemblages and sculptures. This very simple protocol (explained here) set to 8 points around a square, has an output of 9 different shapes.

The combination of these 9 basic shapes makes architectural compositions that tend to be brutalist. In 2020, I started building concrete generative sculptures following the Modo n.°7 protocol to be able to observe the interaction of the shapes in a 3D environment. These observations also gave birth to a series of drawings with water and concrete on paper. The compositions reminded me of a mix of construction and rocks, like troglodytic dwellings.

The digital series

The digital drawing series Andradite is a way to explore the interactive possibilities of the Modo n.°7 protocol. The script generates two layers of 6 shapes on a 2×3 grid (10 points around the square). The layers have a slight offset. Each non-vertical and non-horizontal edge is highlighted with a white line making cuts and giving a sense of depth to the two dimensional shapes.

The generated digital images display monolithic dark blocks with white edges that evoke the andradite stone — a very angular shiny mineral. I used color gradients in the background as a nod to the traditional way that minerals are photographed.

Black Andradite by Rob Lavinsky – CC-BY-SA-3.0
Pictures from internet search and Vugna’s Mineral Blog

222 iterations were made ready to be generated on May 25th 2021 at 9h00 pm (Paris Time).

All the images are unique 1/1, only 222 iterations will ever be generated.

Archives can be accessed here:

Artworks sold under non commercial license: CC BY-NC 4.0