Lines on a grid. Generative compositions.
Code minted on December 8th 2021 on at 18h00.
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The Protocol:

Arrangement is a graphic algorithm set to generated x number of lines (3 to 6) of x number of segments (1 to 7) on a x number of rows (1 to 5) and x number of columns (1 to 5) grid. The lines are colored following three color schemes, Multi (6 colors on blue background), Magenta (magenta on yellow background) and Green (green on black background). Two modes are added, Normal and Inverted (all colors set to their inverse value). The grid can be visible or not and its thickness varies (1 to 6). At last, the lines’ thickness varies from (15 to 155). Each value is calculated on proportion to the overall sketch dimensions.

Colors diagram:

Example of mints generated on the platform:


All the images are unique 1/1
Coded in P5.js with Sublime Text
Artworks sold under non commercial license: CC BY-NC 4.0