ADD, Aleatory Digital Drawings, 3 color, generative drawings. Each drawing is unique. Compositions were generated with Processing and saved as .png files. Each drawing was daily hand dated and hand signed on touch-screen.

I wrote a Medium article about the ADD collection and how I started making NFTs:

I’ve been generating one drawing a day for one year. I generated the first ADD on January 4th 2021 and the last one on January 3rd 2022. The total iterations is 365 drawings. All the drawings were generated with the same code. A new set started at the beginning of each month with a slight change in the parameters (colors, line weight, blend mode…). Drawings were generated in my studio in Périgord, France, if not, a mention was added in the NFT description.

Each drawing is unique and part of a limited algorithmic edition of 365.
.png file, 3949 x 5923 px (1895 x 2840 px before 07/02/2021), available as NFTs on Opensea:

ADD is a digital version of DMA Drawings:

Protocol ADD(P1): it randomly chooses 1 shape out of 5, 2 stripe directions (h or v), 3 colors and 4 orientations (0, 90, 180, 270). Then a 3×2 grid is filled with 3 overlapping layers.


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