Modern Buildings Generator

Modern Building Generator is a Processing script where the parameters are set to produce a different modern building each time. You can watch the generator running live here:   All the images are unique 1/1. SVG file, 2222 x 1666 px, black & white. 99 iterations have been generated out of a maximum of… Continue reading Modern Buildings Generator

12 points

The 12 points script works on a 3×2 grid, creating 12 individual points. It draws 3 lines made of 3 segments by joining 4 randomly selected points on the grid. Once fully tested, the script was set to run 333 times and I pressed the execute button on March 9th 2021 at 21h18. Traits: Background… Continue reading 12 points


To participate, please fill out the form here: Deterministic Form All the 50 drawings have been generated and minted, 5 are still available on the primary market: The project: Toolpath is a cross chain on-demand deterministic generative project. It explores the possibilities of generating digital images going through analogical processes. The drawings are generated… Continue reading Toolpath


Lines or shapes are randomly positioned layer by layer on a grid until the canvas is saturated. Different protocols are used for this animated graphic experiment. Each animation is an unique .gif file available as NFTs on Opensea: Archives: Updated 13/08/2021: Sidereal set minted in August 2021 (sold out):